Saturday, March 10, 2007

Iraq hosts key security meeting

Iraq's prime minister has appealed to neighbouring states to co-operate in tackling the insurgency which has left tens of thousands dead since 2003.

Addressing an international meeting in Baghdad, he did not name any particular country. But the US accuses both Iran and Syria of stoking the violence.

Chavez attacks Bush 'domination'

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has attacked US counterpart George W Bush as a "symbol of domination" as the pair continue rival Latin American tours.

Speaking at an "anti-imperialist rally" in Buenos Aires, Mr Chavez said Mr Bush was no more than a "political corpse".

Thursday, March 08, 2007

US general defiant on Iraq drive

The new US commander in Iraq has said the Baghdad security crackdown has had some "tough days" but he was confident sectarian strife could be reduced. Gen David Petraeus was giving his first news conference since taking the command last month.

He said military force alone would not be a solution and that some militants would have to be engaged in talks.